Butterfly Haircut Ideas To Try In 2022

butterfly haircut

If you are looking to become a trendsetter with a new hair style, you may want to consider flying in the back with butterfly haircut ideas. Butterfly haircuts have been very popular in recent years and they look great. We have created a guide for you together with the pictures of different butterfly haircut styles.

What is Butterfly Haircut?

A butterfly haircut is a hairstyle that is shorter in the front and longer in the back. It resembles a butterfly’s wings and can be as short as an inch or two on the sides with hair extending to shoulder length on the back. The term “butterfly” refers to the fact that it can look like a butterfly’s wings when it is styled properly. The main advantage to this style is that it creates an illusion of more volume and length.

butterfly haircut

Who can wear Butterfly Haircut?

-If you have bangs, then it’s best to avoid the hairstyle. The cut will look weird and unbalanced with any length of bangs. For example, if your bangs are long enough to frame your face, then the back of your head will look like it has “fringe” from the back of your ears down past the nape of your neck.

butterfly haircut

Think about whether you want a solid, triangular shape or one that’s more like an actual butterfly with fluttering wings on either side of your head.

butterfly haircut

-Avoid styles where one side is significantly shorter than the other. It’s best if both sides hit at the same spot on your shoulders, although asymmetry can be very flattering on some people.

butterfly haircut

-The cut works best when there are equal-length layers throughout and no longer in the front than in the back. That said, more texture in front can make you look more daring and fashion-forward.

Below you can find some beautiful examples:

butterfly haircut
blonde hair
layered cut
long hair
layered haircut

If you’re still looking for a haircut that will turn heads at parties and impress your friends, your search may be over. The butterfly cut, as it’s known to stylists, is sweeping the nation. There are even some people who have been on the waiting list for their turn with a butterfly haircut for months. Why wait? Try it out now and see what you think.

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